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Data. Analytics. Design. Solution

Why Choose Us?

Maximize Your  Growth Potential With AI

Wheel Data Strategies helps you identify the right design and requirements to guide your strategy development. Analysis of your purpose-driven needs, allows us to determine the most effective analytics systems, tools, and AI/ML/GenAI methods that will maximize your growth opportunities.

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Driving To Digital Automation

At Wheel Data Strategies, we approach transformations both- "inside-out" and "outside-in". We follow data from source systems to products and insights identifying potential AI failure points. We apply our expertise to provide reccomendations supporting the human-governance-in-the-loop to monitor AI-assisted assets. 

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Data Strategy For AI Execution

In a fast-paced world, Wheel Data Strategies designs strategic roadmaps to drive enhanced outcomes for your organization to gain a competitive edge by focusing on core data foundations, and scalable and flexible data platform frameworks anticipating your future growth. 

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Training For Success

WDS helps you establish and build your "AI-Equity" to accelerate the organization's ability to scale and deliver ROI on AI investments faster. WDS has designed customizable training bootcamps and workshops to build awareness around AI tasks, risks, and responsibilities. By establishing the 'common AI communication corridor' enterprise teams engage in productive use of AI assets.

Data and Analytics Services

We help you unlock the power of your data, monetize your data with analytics insights, find opportunities for automation, or GenAI productivity-enhancing services, and provide custom analytics and thought leadership to accelerate revenue growth.

Strategic Consulting

We review your current frameworks, solutions, and challenges to build a customized strategy to establish a core foundation for achieving your business objectives through data and analytics.

Advisory Services

We provide advice and oversight services to maximize the creation and enablement of opportunities to scale the value from data accelerating your growth and profits.

Training and Team Building

Training services are offered at different levels of familiarity of the users. Smaller domain-specific workshops developed in collaboration often trigger team synergies and amplify the value of the training.

About Us

Innovative And Sustainable Solutions

Established in 2023, Wheel Data Strategies (WDS) provides strategic consulting, advisory services, and training support for AI journeys using proven approaches and solution designs that have delivered success in multi-million dollar transformations, and several purpose-driven custom projects bringing emerging and innovative product ideas to life. A forward-thinking-outside-in design strategy is important to succeed in integrating AI across the organization. Our approach is sequenced through - Data.Analytics.Design.Solutions.


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